Pity her not

Pity her not

She’s not broken

Maybe a little

Frayed around the edges

But she’s not

Coming undone



The wind blows cold

It penetrates your soul

But you’re made of tough stuff

Your won’t freeze over

You’ve learned how to protect yourself

Without becoming cold and bitter

They ask you how you did it

You tell them you found beauty in the wind

And that there is so much you can learn from your enemy



9:43 PM

Don’t be afraid

Just dance

No one is watching

The moonlight has us hypnotized

We’ve all gone mad

Madly in love with life

Flirting with our inner selves

Hoping for a lasting relationship

Turn up the sound of your heart

Till it drowns out your fear

You’re dancing

You’re dancing

Dancing in the moonlight


Summer is calling his name

But will he live to see it

It hasn’t rained in ages

His mind is a desert

His heart is trying to be an oasis

The pills are killing him

But they do it slowly

Long enough for him to see

How you’ll all manage fine without him


11:41 am

snowy lovers

A mass of soft white flakes drift down kissing her nose and lips

I envy them

They wrap themselves around her and lay in her hair

I envy them

They will be part of daydreams as they rest on her eye lashes

I envy them

They are but temporary lovers melting away just as quickly as they came

They envy me


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Spring was here

In the garden now frozen

It took my breath away

The wind as it blew

Your skirt up

When spring was here

I look for you in the frozen branches

That carried the sweet berries

Stained your lips

That you used to kiss me goodbye

When spring was here