Pity her not

Pity her not

She’s not broken

Maybe a little

Frayed around the edges

But she’s not

Coming undone



Conformity was never something he could muster. It wasn’t because he was taking a big rebellious stand against society. No, he was not a revolutionist. It was more the fact that he was a dreamer, and he could not commit to anything other than the creation of his own personal fairy tale. The side affects of this was of course the deep loneliness one feels when they go against the grain of social wishes in an attempt to make their own happiness.


The wind blows cold

It penetrates your soul

But you’re made of tough stuff

Your won’t freeze over

You’ve learned how to protect yourself

Without becoming cold and bitter

They ask you how you did it

You tell them you found beauty in the wind

And that there is so much you can learn from your enemy