9:16 AM

Her tongue is purple

Red stains mark her hands

Her pants have streaks of orange

There is a blue mark on her cheek

She smiles at me

“Would you like a smoothie?”


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Are you a seasonal writer?


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day as we munched on fries at a patio restaurant. It’s a sunny day, perfect for the two of us who prefer sunshine to be a dominate feature in our hangouts. We love the summer. We also love to write. As I haven’t seen her in a while, I’m eager to hear about her textual adventures and she has been wondering about what empires I’ve be establishing with ink. She tells me, “it’s been raining so I haven’t been writing much.”

I take a break from the fries feast to think about what she’s just said. For her, rain = no writing.  But for me, rain can easily lead to writing 10 or more pages a day. I know that weather and seasons can play a big role for writers in terms of inspiration. But it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I noticed the role it can play on how often a writer actually writes. For my friend, cold seasons make her gloomy and bored and she finds it difficult to create. Her boyfriend however, she claims, writes extensively during the winter months but has to almost force himself to get stuff down during spring and summer.

It made me question my own writing habits. Was I a seasonal writer? I thought back to one year when I kept a diary for each month of the year. I would write until the end of the month and then quickly switch to a new diary. I noticed that while I hadn’t necessarily written more during one particular season, the type of writing I did varied as the seasons transitioned. During the winter, my writing was more poetic–loaded with symbolism and word play. The hotter months had me in a more matter-of-fact attitude. The pieces were also shorter. The diary entries were personal during the warmer seasons. I find it harder to write fiction during the summer.


Internally and instinctively I must have known this for a while. I’m a ghost writer and have recently noticed that I pick my assignments based on the time of year. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of my career. In summer, I’m all about marketing messages, technical pieces, and how-to articles. Come late September and I’m creating drafts for the next piece of literature that I will be writing during the long winter months.

While I may not stop writing completely just because it’s not the right weather or season, it does affect my writing. Do the seasons play a role in your writing? Do you find yourself writing more during a certain month or time of the year?

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