What’s keeping you from your dream and can it be conquered

I’ve always been the kind of person that believed in magic, miracles and the possibility of dreams coming true. In fact, setting out to make a dream come true has been the reason for my existence. It is what props me out of bed in the morning with an almost childlike enthusiasm.

Most of my dreams are not things I wish to collect, but experiences I hope to have. For instance, I don’t dream about owning a classic Porsche 911, but I do dream of taking a long road trip and feeling the wind rush against my hair as I zip down the highway top down. Obviously, having a car is a needed equation for making that dream come true.

So, when I was young I had a dream. I wanted to go to Monaco. I must have heard some mention of it on TV and it stuck with me. I think everyone has that place in their hearts that they long to see, and for me it was Monaco. I didn’t know what was there, didn’t even know if I would like it but I knew I wanted to touch its soil someday. As with most dreams, there were some barriers. Being a dream catcher means being prepared to jump over some hurdles. Mine had 3 high ones to get over.

1. Finances. I would say this is the most common reason dreams are left unfulfilled. Plane tickets can’t be bought with wishful thinking. Whether you’re dreaming about owning a house, going back to school, even getting published, you need money. Sometimes you need a lot more than you can afford. But almost every dreams requires money, and for those like me it can be a constant hurdle to get over as you try to balance the possibility or making your dreams come true with meeting your present basic needs. If you’re lucky, you have the kind of dream that you can plan in advance for. You can save for it and reduce the financial burden of the dream. Other times, you have an opportunistic dream where you only have that one moment to make it a reality. Then you need to decide if you can afford tomorrow by living for today.

2. Health. Money isn’t always the problem. There are a lot of rich people who don’t live out their dreams because they are not well enough to do so. More than money, you need health and mental stability to make a dream come true. It’s not easy trying to conquer your dreams when you can barely get out of bed in the morning. Or spending majority of your time hooked up to machines that are doing their best to keep you alive. This for me was the biggest hurdle. I needed to get well enough to be able to travel.

3. Time. Yes some say time is an illusion; but if you think about the moment you began dreaming and the moment you realize it hasn’t come true yet you begin to see that time is passing. Some dreams aren’t heavily reliant on time. The Eiffel tower with be there in 50 years most likely. But other dreams fade more and more with each tic of the clock. But it’s actually making time for your dream that I really want to press on. Some people are very good at dreaming; they have all sorts of lovely ideas about how their life is going to be, but it never makes it out of their head because they never make any time for it. It’s not always simple. We can’t always find the time to create our tomorrows. If you’re lucky, your present and future harbor in the same realm. But sometimes, our dreams are in a very distant future making it challenging to keep focused on them and find the time to bring it closer to us.

I’ve never known a dream that didn’t rely on some kind of luck or miracle. Hard work plays a part, but even small dreams need some unexplained interference to make them come true. I needed 3 big ones and by some divine grace I got them.

Last year, I not only saw my beautiful destination of choice: Monaco, but I also saw other cities in the South of France. Despite the obstacles, the hurdles and the fact that some things seem just plain impossible dreams do come true.

For me, I had to take some risks, find some courage and remind myself that big or small my dream deserved to be given life.

Never give up, never lose hope. Figure out what you’re up against, what mountains you have to conquer in order to make your dream a reality, and then go forth and conquer them.


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