Letter to inner demon

That look in your eye, I’ve seen it before, but last time it wasn’t directed at me so I wasn’t concerned. I guess what they say is true–don’t trust anyone that hurts others. Don’t think you’ll be an exception to the rule. You’re so cold these day and can’t wait for me to go away, so I’ll give you your wish. You won’t see me again.

You lied so much it was hard to keep track of them all. I can’t believe I thought you were clever. The devil’s so good at gathering advocates. But I’m handing in my resignation. I don’t want to be on your side anymore.

Wherever you go you cause pain. Wherever you go you bring others down. But they aren’t the pitiful ones, you are. You’re in a dark place and I don’t have enough light for you.

This is goodbye. I leave knowing you will try to get me back. I leave hoping I’ll be strong enough to resist you. We aren’t friends. We aren’t one anymore.

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