Son of April


Don’t love me too much but don’t stop entirely

I’m not perfect and I’ll never be

But I like the way you look at me

Men like me can’t be relied upon

We’re less predictable than the wind

Call me selfish, call me rude

But my heart’s never been true

I’ll try my best to make you smile

Take what you can from me

But nothing lasts forever

And I need to be free



In April, I search for kindness

I ask gentleness to bestow itself upon me

I look to April like a  grandmother, full of wisdom and comfort 

In April, I want to see the essence of spring in everything

That newness and life, reforming and transforming right in front of my eyes

I want that essence to find its way in me, to transform

To see a garden of peace blooming from within me

In  April, I am exhausted but willing to stand

But only if April reaches out its hand to me