More sugar, less spice

He is made of sugar and spice
He has a dark side but tries to be nice
With eyes like diamonds, teeth like pearl
It’s no wonder he can have any girl

But he only wants one, if he can
A pretty brunette named Mary Ann
She lives on his block, a couple doors down
He always feels better when she’s around

But Mary’s got a secret, though he’d never tell
She’s a fallen angel who should be in hell
What’s her sin? He’s not quite sure
But he knows for a fact, she isn’t pure

But he’d let her take him to heaven or hell
He doesn’t care, he’s under her spell
He takes a chance one rainy night
To see what feelings he can ignite

He convinces Mary to let him in
And so he enters her den of sin
There are chains and axes hung on the wall
She puts her arms around him “We’re gonna have a ball”
Her eyes are beautiful, her smile just the same
But suddenly he doesn’t want to play her game

“Uh, I brought you flowers.”
“Let’s go do it in the shower.”
“I think I should go”
“What, so soon, no.
“Yeah it’s getting late”
“I thought you wanted this date”

He moves towards the door; she goes to block it
So he goes towards the couch to take a sit
This is what I wanted I guess I should see
If there can be anything between Mary and me

He holds out his hand, “Come sit with me”
She smiles and kisses him so tenderly
His kiss is sweet, like sugar and candy
His scent is musky like her favorite brandy

Fangs come out, and claws follow
When she gets turned on she does more than swallow
She goes for his neck but without a haste
He digs his claws into her waist

Bright red blood pour out for all to see
“What the hell, I thought you liked me!”
“I do Mary Ann, don’t take this the wrong way,”
“But I’m a werewolf, I’d still like to stay.”
“After you stabbed me? I think not!”
“Why, I still think you’re hot.

He didn’t mean to cut her
Or to bust out in fur
But when he gets heated he loses control
And lets not forget, she wanted his soul

“Can I at least help you. You’re bleeding.”
He was apologetic and practically pleading
“Fine, go get me towel.”
Outside, there was the sound of an owl

He pressed down on the wound trying to be gentle
He noticed hearts in jars on her mantle
“You’re not going to take mine, right?”
“No… not tonight.”
She liked his sweetness, and his darkened spice
She knew that she could kill him but she’d try to be nice.


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