1. Buy a stranger a meal. I did this! This was one of the first things I managed to do. I met this guy in the mall and invited him to have brunch with me. You can read about it here. But to sum it up…it went wells

2. Go to a concert by myself. Thanks to the 1975, my new favorite band, I was able to complete this. I wrote about the experience and the only downside was the concert was so good I fear it will be hard to top.

3. Take a bus ride somewhere. Originally, the task was for me to take a random bus ride somewhere within my country; I did one better…I went to my dream destination, the South of France, and took random bus rides while there. I even took a four hour train ride across the south of France from Nice to Lyon. It’s hard to put the entity and impact of the trip into words but I will hold the feelings of that experience hostage in me for a lifetime.

4. Buy a book, without reading reviews first. Check. I bought scores of books this year on simple whims. I even read some of them. You can read my review for a couple here and here.

5.Give more, spend less. I’m on the fence as to whether or not I actually did this. This was about finding more ways to give my time and energy to the people I care about and while I may not have seen my friends much, I did start volunteering again this year. I think that counts.  

6. Spend more time in nature. I did go for more walks, and generally spent more time outside, so while I didn’t scale any mountains, or go trekking through any deep woods, I think mother nature and did bond.

7. Have more relaxing evenings. I still need to work on this, but at least I did force myself to step away from the computer after 5 to spend time with my family.

8. Eat more pizza. I knew this would be an easy one. I even found a few new favorite pizza bistros in my city

9. Share my thoughts. I’m adding this to next year’s list since I really didn’t do this. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to put my share my ideas and thoughts but I have another to give a try.

10. Watch foreign movies. Sadly, I didn’t watch many movies this year, foreign or not.

11. Go local. While in France, I bought local, but in my home town I didn’t make that much of an effort.

12. Take more photos just for the sake of the memory. Oddly enough, I barely took any photos this year. Even during my trip, I let my mind capture what it could would the security of a second lens. An interesting thing happened. Everything I experienced was deeply internalized that even weeks and month after it still felt fresh. It was as if because my heart new that that very moment was all I would have to remember things, I submerged myself into the present, drowning in it. Sure, I may forget details over time, but in that moment, I was fully present.

13. Connect more. I’m proud to say I did this. Proud, because I had been disconnecting for a while. But through volunteering, work, and simply living I’ve been connecting with more people and just being overall more connected to the world around me.

14. Grow a garden. Well, there’s always next year.

Ok so I didn’t do everything on the list, but I did go out of my comfort zone and made some wonderful memories this year.

Happy New Year!

Look forward to a new things to do list


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