The longest winter

Bones dry as icewinter

heart is frostbitten

veins frozen

it’s been a long winter

ah, but now you’re melting

spring is coming

she could save you

she could set you free

she could dampen your bones

Take the chill out

Bring back your colors

Warm your interior

Starve off the winter

I dreaded this winter. It seemed to enslave me, making itself my enemy. I’m not usually this bitter about the season but this year I felt such contempt for the little flakes of white I could have screamed. It bruised me, bit me through my core, it made a mess of me and you know what? I’m glad. I’m glad I had this hateful winter enclose itself in my life. It makes me appreciate the coming of spring even more. It makes me feel resilient. And forgiving. I forgive you old man winter for sending shards of ice through my heart. I can hear it beating again. You did not destroy me.


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