100 Thank Yous


When I made this blog, I was first and foremost looking for a place to dump my writing. I think more than I write, but every now and then the thoughts need to come out. I never anticipated for a single second that a single person would even find this little blog, let alone follow. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for the follows, the likes, the comments..just…thank you. This blog, along with my tumblr are sort of my sanctuary. Some people need their coffee, others their evening wine, I need my blog. I’m emotionally attached to it. But I didn’t think anyone would want to read a damn thing I wrote, at least not here.

I don’t write to be heard,  but it’s nice to be. More than my own follows, I’ve found others whose writing inspires me and whose style is relatable. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not entirely singular in your method of expression. I’m not by any means boasting, nor do I want to play a numbers game. There’s more to blogging than simply gaining a following. But for those who do read my work, you unknowingly encourage me to write more. I put fingers to keyboard, often to say noting of consequence, and when even one person finds meaning in it it’s a good day.


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