Mist and Chill

She is made of chill and mist. Her lips taste frozen but there’s heat in her kiss. She saunters in without a care, bringing with her a breeze of icy air. She wants to held like any other dame. But she can’t commit, she’s too fond of games. She is made of mist and chill. A cold cold beauty; an icy thrill.



Don’t wait for tomorrow


Where did you take her? Where did she go? I feel so lost without her. The world has grown so cold. I find myself pacing in madness without my love. She was my shinning summer to fight my winter beasts. If only she knew she was loved. If only I had been more clear. We forget nothing lasts forever and everyone should be held dear. There’s a wind that taps at my window. I’d like to think it’s her, telling me she’s sorry for going away so soon. If only she knew I’d forgive her and leave my arms wide open. Her embrace is all I’ll ever want, now that it’s been taken.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell them that you care. For all you know, tomorrow they won’t be there.



Lust I have craved you

How well you’ve worked your spell

I’ve got nothing to do

But to follow you to hell

There may be others like me

Who wait with hearts on fire

Dear lust, if you could see

You’re my one desire

I ask not to be saved

No hero do I need

I’ll walk the path you’ve paved

To satisfy my greed

Never to be the same

Surely I will rot

Lust you’ve won the game

You had a perfect plot

Makeup and Daydreams


She is made of smeared makeup and daydreams—crying all the time because she can`t be somewhere else. She reads fictions about overly pretty boys, and paints her lips a bright rouge as she pretends to be one of their heroins. She can`t stand to be ordinary. She falls sick when life gets too real. She`s a dreamer, a seeker of magic, a tear soaked lover with no one to call her own.

Image credit: unspoken. by *Senju-HiMe

Growing Apart


There was a wall growing between us, made of clover and salt. It made the air taste bitter sweet, but more bitter with each insult. You on one side, me on the other, we tended our garden wall with very little clue. We had no warning it would keep me from you. The wall grew vines that would wrap around our hearts, tightening it firmly until every muscle ached. And our hearts grew so fragile that we knew they would break. Still we stood there, willing to let the clovers spread. Though in all that life, something was now dead. You found such pleasure in all the little blooms, little did you know they would be our doom. With each little clover leaf our hearts were dragged into darkness down below. Let us bury them and from the cold earth something else might grow. Though we tried planting love, many moons ago, our love turned to salty tears that made our wall garden grow.