The Spell of Living


He was melancholy and madness; a walking twisted fairy tale.

You couldn’t take your eyes off him; he was a fascinating male.

But he was tormented by the infinite days before him.

The thought of living forever made him feel quite grim.

How does one cherish life if it goes on without end?

Another day on earth he’d rather not spend.

He was a hunter of souls and gave his own to be

But now he’d give every soul to simply be free

1000 years is too long to see the sun rise

This spell of living would be his demise

“Nothing lasts forever” no longer seemed to be true

For he was locked to living no matter how old he grew

From autumn to summer and back again

He was slowly going more insane

His beauty was divine; you could look at him for hours

He had a voice as sweet as soft summer showers

Boredom is a misery even for the beautiful

Having nothing to do can make one hateful

As he collected souls of the dearly departed

He became more resentful and dark hearted

“Soon there will be no one alive but me!”

He said rather bitterly

“Ah, but I could keep them alive forever,” he thought

Then they would live forever while their minds rot

The Gods were not pleased with his new plan

And warned him that he’d be banished from the land

“Banished?” He asked. “What does that mean?”

“You’ll be taken to a place where you’ll never be seen.”

“I’d rather be invisible than to live this life I dread.”

“Then you won’t mind if you’re dead.”

The man smiled, “kill me if you dare.”

And the Gods destroyed him without a care.


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