Stepping away from writing

I read a quote saying something in regards to writing everyday. The exact wording I can’t recollect, but it was something similar to, the writing you do not do today is lost forever. I’ve always been an advocate of writing regularly until I saw the quote, and maybe it was simply the rebellious nature in me but I felt a need to disagree.

I don’t believe that going a day or two without writing will result in a loss of words or ideas. Writer’s block is not the product of irregular writing. Instead, I feel it necessary to step away from your work and breathe. Allow yourself to gain inspiration from life itself and not just your regular writing habit.

Sometimes you need that time to miss writing. You can easily take your talent for granted if you are constantly practicing it, but a few moments away to recharge can help you fall back in love with it and avoid tedium.

Now the quote I’m sure was trying to encourage writers to jot down the words they had in the present moment and this I agree with. But I don’t believe that what you want to say today will be said in the best way in that moment, nor will you lose all your inspiration if you don’t write it down. That sort of fear puts pressure on an already fragile and often stressful industry.

Sometimes not writing, and simply observing, feeling, thinking and living is the best way to become a great writer.

2 thoughts on “Stepping away from writing

  1. Hi!
    I like your post – I think the misconception with writing is the immediacy to get something finished, rather than focus on the quality of what is written. I believe that by taking valuable breaks from writing – rather than feel pressurised into writing everyday – you achieve better results. Better explained here

    Great article and all the best in your writing persuits!


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