Not even in a fairy tale

You don’t really want a fairy tale. If you do, you’ve never really read one. Because if you have read a fairy tale, you’d remember that there were dragons as well as princes; magic was used for both evil and good, and that happily ever after never came before dark and stormy nights.

Life isn’t easy. Not even in fairy tales.

But life is a lot like a fairy tale. It takes courage to stand up to the evil witches and dragrons in our lives. It’s takes heart to pursue your prince or believe that he does in fact love you, once he shows up. And like all fairy tales, it takes a kind of hope and patience in knowing that your dreams will come true.


She made herself impossible to love

She made herself impossible to love. She thought it would be easier that way. She would never be disappointed with rejection, because she would expect it. She would never have to babysit another person’s heart, and risk hurting it, because no one would trust her with theirs. She felt safer barred in her cell of loneliness. She could handle it better than experiencing the highs and lows of the relationship roller coaster. And she felt she was being kinder this way. For how could a girl who doesn’t love herself love anyone at all?

She brews for him dark chocolate hazel nut coffee. He brews for her vanilla white chocolate. Everyday it’s a different coffee, but it’s been the same routine for a year.

She kisses him on the cheek before taking her seat on a wooden stool to sip the steaming hot beverage as she looks through her notes.

“How do you feel this morning?” He asks. The same way he always asks.

“Good,” she replies. The same way she always replies.

He watches her shaky hands try to handle the mug with care. He watches her smile with satisfaction as she lets the cream and sugar rich drink into her mouth.

She catches him staring and blushes at the sight of her handsome boyfriend giving her that, “you fascinate me” look.

Setting her mug down, she writes in big untidy letter “YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY FIRST CHOICE”

He giggles and smiles, taking in the simple romance of the morning.

“Out of how many?” He teases.

“Out of every guy out there, I’d pick you. Only you. No one makes better coffee.” She winks.

“Well, I did pick you,” he reminds, “and I’ve never made a smarter choice.” He continues, taking his own mug into his hands to sip his coffee. He forces himself to gulp down a large sip and smiles as he thinks, “even if you do make the worst coffee.”