Love Hurts?

I’ve never agreed with the phrase “Love Hurts.” Love doesn’t hurt. There is nothing painful about love. Being unloved hurts, love that is not reciprocated hurts. Losing love hurts, a lack of love hurts, but love itself doesn’t hurt.  Being in love and not having someone like you doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the concept of love nor does it mean that there’s something wrong with the person. A person isn’t mean simply because they can’t return your feelings. Who knows, they might be doing you a favor. They might break your heart. And as for being in a relationship where your love is being taken for granted, the pain is your hearts way of telling you you are worth more because you wouldn’t be hurt if you didn’t believe you were.

Love saves. It makes us aware, bold, and open. Even the so called pain of it is helpful as it reminds you that you should go where love is and not trap yourself in a situation where you are being hurt. If you become embittered and cynical about love just because you were hurt you are doing the exact thing that you subconsciously against: destroying love, and that will only hurt others, including yourself. 


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