She forgot how to breathe

She watched as the morning light startled out colors from his perfect eyes: colors of green, yellow, brown, and grey all sparkling in wonder. He squinted at the bright light, momentarily hiding his optical gems. She tried to remember how to breathe. He smiled unknowing of the trance he was putting her in; the spellbinding attraction she was feeling in that moment.

They had laid side by side many nights and woke many mornings in innocence. It’s what friends do sometimes, they thought. They would sprinkle into the midnight whispers and suppressed laughter until sleep found them. They would fall asleep as boy and girl, childish and unaware. But last night they grew. They grew up over night and woke as young adults with heart beats singing out a cry of warning. She tried to contain her heart, to slow it, make it girlish and uncaring again. It wouldn’t obey. Her eyes met his eyes and her heart clumsily fell into his arms.

He looked into her eyes, brought his eyes low to her lips and then lower still to her bosom. When did she grow? She was nothing but a child last night. When did she change? He wondered. She swallowed hard; her mouth felt dry; she licked her lips. He licked his in unison. The sun shot aggressively through the window. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and her neck. He cleared his throat as he stared at the little droplet of sweat on her. She tried to remember to breathe.

His fingers inched towards her. She anticipated his touch. He sighed out from the heat. She looked down at him, up at him, her eyes wandered everywhere as her body remained frozen. His fingers met her forearm, gently stroking it. She smiled away from his eyes. He saw. It was a nervousness smile, a wanting smile. It was encouraging. He shifted his entire body until he was perfectly positioned and drew her into a tender kiss. She forgot how to breathe.

By me

GIF not mine.


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