We say we don’t want to die alone


We say we don’t want to die alone, but what we really mean is we don’t want to live alone

We don’t want to spend the holidays alone. We’d like there to be someone to remember our birthdays. It’d be nice to have someone to be there if something amazing happens or if something goes terribly wrong. We want to go on vacation with someone and have someone to cuddle with on rainy nights. We want someone to send us a good morning text, and good night one. Or better yet a good morning and good night kiss. We’d like to be able to talk to someone else, someone we can share our dreams with, our fears too. We want to have someone to take to all those boring functions we get invited to. We want to wake up knowing someone’s happy we’re alive. We’re hoping for someone to experience life with.

It’s life that we’re afraid to face alone, not death.


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